"Eliot Zigmund is a musician’s musician. The drummer has played with many of jazz’ biggest names, and his time and taste have made him the perfect accompanist and more."
-New York City Jazz Record record review, April, 2019.

"Zigmund is a rare subspecies of jazz drummer who firmly supports his mates in ways that often go unnoticed. Throughout the medium and up tempo numbers his unerring ride cymbal locked firmly into Haney's bass line. Occasional extroverted comments were brief and meaningful. A single snare drum accent jolted the beginning of Richmond's turn on "You And The Night And The Music." Zigmund played in near unison with Eubanks for a couple of bars near the onset of the "Recorda Me" solo. During "It's You Or No One," a half dozen rim knocks goosed the trumpeter and later on Zigmund's snare answered some amiable phrases."
-David A. Orthmann, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

"Without getting in anyone's way, Zigmund was a constant presence. Virtually every stroke had a telling effect. He displayed a knack for briefly foregrounding a single component of the drum kit. On “You And The Night And The Music” several hard hits to the snare leapt out during a brief lull in Richmond's solo. During Ash's “In Your Own Sweet Way” turn, successive strokes to a top cymbal sounded like a chisel splitting a piece of granite. Zigmund made the hi-hat cymbals sing by using just the foot pedal behind Ash on “Beatrice.” He was all ride cymbal when Richmond began to build up a head of steam in the course of “Simone.” The drummer sounded akin to a clamorous machine throughout most of his “I'll Remember April” solo. Utilizing every part of the drum kit, themes were wrapped in long bursts of energy."
-David A. Orthmann, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

    • “Feather touch response and subtle cymbal work bring each piece to sizzling fruition” - Kirk Winters, JAZZIZ
    • “Zigmund gave Petrucciani’s improvisations a fluid, relaxed urgency, making for gypsy-like ebb and flow.” - MUSICIAN MAGAZINE
    • “In a display of spontaneous, unobtrusive brilliance, Zigmund single-handedly put the lie to the bad rap given to drum sound in the concert hall of the VCU Performing Arts Center.” - VIRGINIA TIMES DISPATCH
    • “Zigmund is that breed of percussionist who does not count their pride alongside their visible signs of virtuosity. He is in every way a musician with extensive experience but above all the art of listening.” - JAZZMAN MAGAZINE
    • “Plays with aggressive muscularity on the driving numbers and sweeping emotionalism on the impressionistic ones.” - OAKLAND CA TRIBUNE
    • "Evans received stalwart support from drummer Eliot Zigmund, whose work was uncommonly tasteful and sensitive.” - Jon Bream, Minneapolis Star